Multiflash FV47

FV47 Adjustable Multiflash Adapter with Umbrella Socket – Professional Portable Lightingtool for Working Photographers.


The unit uses four speedlights together with a reflector to direct an even, large beam of light. This produces great light to take full-length pictures of people, indoors and outdoors.

Using four flashes at nearly full power gives the light output, which can be successfully combined with bright sunlight. For more powerful light output or faster recharging cycle the frame can mount up to seven speedlights.


The design of FV47 is strong, but simple. The light stand attachment rod carries an octagon frame with an umbrella socket in the middle. The adapter features 4-7 coldshoe mounts. All parts are made of aluminum.



  • Combined with your own speedlights, FV47 provides you with studio quality light
  • No need for expensive studio equipment: for increased flash use up to seven speedlights from one mounting point
  • Robust and durable: all parts crafted from high quality aluminium
  • Easy to use: standard mounts and 8mm umbrella socket
  • Lightweight and easy to use on location
  • Combine with sunlight to take great photos, indoors and outdoors
  • Instantly transforms a backyard or any other place into a photo studio
  • Gentle to your devices: designed to protect your flash electronics from short-circuits



  • Material: all parts made of aluminium
  • 4-7 universal coldshoe mounts
  • 8mm central umbrella socket
  • ø16mm attachment rod for mounting on light stand
  • Height: 185 mm
  • Width: 95mm (with 4 coldshoe mounts attached)
  • Weight: 360g / 12.7 oz
  • Designed and manufactured in the European Union.



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