Photos are a fine way to collect memories of our lives. Be it a reception, your company’s people and activities, a corporate function or just a nice day with your family – all of this is life that is worth perpetuating with professionalism and good taste.


The perfect photo is the one catching the moment’s emotion and the beauty, magic and sometimes even the bitterness of life. The perfect picture needs a good instinct for catching the right moment, a good taste, elegance and respect for the subject. That is the true way for perpetuating the precious moments of life, for creating a good photo reportage to use on a website, print materials, slideshows or for your family recollections.

Give me a call and together, let’s perpetuate the pieces of life. For photographing I use only the best that Nikon has to offer.


Photoarchive and illustrative pictures
Photos can bring personality and spirits to an interior. To find the right picture, we can search my archive or grab the camera and take just the picture needed.


With years of photographing life, I have a wide collection of photos with a historical value.
Some of them you can find in my portfolio. In my archive there are thousands of pictures of Estonia, of its important moments and special people, of life just as it is.



Time is known to be merciless, even to memories perpetuated on a film. To keep these precious memories and historical moments from the merciless impact of time, these pictures can be digitalized. Shots from a 35-mm film can be scanned, cleaned and saved digitally.



If Your interest in photography is bigger that just pressing the button, a good advice is never too much. How to catch the perfect moment? What camera or other phototechnique to choose? How to process the pictures to get the best out of them?
Contact me and let’s talk about it.


To ask for more:
e-mail me at or just give me a call +372 51 11 446.